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Soca Valley in Slovenia


Tour 1: June 23rd-30th 2018

Tour 2: August 11th-18th 2018


Join us for a week of fitness, adventure, fun and relaxation in the heart of Slovenia.


Located in the beautiful Soca Valley, that is a true paradise for anybody that likes to be active, our private, luxury villa is the perfect place to exercise and relax if you want to get fit, enjoy good company or simply get away from the excesses of modern life. We will make it happen.


Your itinerary includes daily fitness training, scenic hikes on themed trails, various team adventures like river rafting, canyoning or ziplining and chilling by the pool.


Thanks to our local expertise, you also have the opportunity to further explore the valley if you wish, try new sporting activities or simply relax and enjoy the nearby surroundings in the evenings.


Indicative daily schedule:

  • 7am: Gentle run in the sunshine

Start the day by charging your batteries. An easy run surrounded by nature can set you up for the day (optional)

  • 8.30am: Breakfast

Healthy, nutritious but seriously delicious dishes to make you fit for the day. Our in-house chef caters for all tastes. Please let us know in advance about your dietary requirements.

  • 9.30am: Time to relax

Take a stroll through the woods or walk by the river. Or simply chill out by the pool with a book.

  • 11am: Workout with Vlad

Get ready to sweat. While training is definitely challenging, we always have time for a laugh.

  • 12.30pm: Lunch

The chef’s delicious dishes are sure to tempt your taste buds. Yet again.

  • 2pm: Adventure time

Includes for example canyoning, rafting, zip-lining or hiking. Need a day of rest? Want to do something else? No worries – just let us know in time.

  • 7.30pm: Dinner and time to mingle with other guests or enjoying a calm evening in the tranquillity of the villa’s location.


Each day will be different as you have lots of fun and burn lots of calories without even realising it!


Bring your fitness gear and your motivation!


Everything else is included: 

  • 7 night’s accommodation in private, luxury villa (double-rooms)
  • Meals (3 times per day) - created by our in-house chef
  • Drinks*
  • One fitness workout with Vlad per day
  • Other sports / group activities each afternoon
  • Transportation (from/to Luxembourg in a mini-coach)

*Each person is allowed 2 alcoholic drinks per day… Each alcoholic drink after that comes with a price tag of 30 burpees after the next workout…In front of the group. You have been warned! :)


Price: €1,400 per person

Places are limited! First come, first served. Maximum 8 persons per tour



Your accommodation for the week will be in the luxurious Villa Bella, a refurbished 19th Century house, filled with rustic charm and which is located in the breathtaking valley of the Julian Alps.


There are 5 beautiful bedrooms, with a mixture of double and twin bed rooms.  Each room comes with it’s own private suite bathroom.


Spend your days exploring the sights and sounds of your surroundings and then relax in the on-premises sauna. Alternative, enjoy the awesome private swimming pool with stunning views of the alpine valley, a truly amazing and unforgettable experience!









There are almost 700 km of hiking trails in the Soca Valley region. Challenging but amazing scenic hikes on themed trails, such as the Walk of Peace or the Soca River trail. Sights along the Soca Trail include the source of the Soca river, hanging bridges and historical ruins.



The emerald green white water rafting paradise that is the Soca River offers an amazing experience with something for all levels of rafting, including beginner.


You move through a scenic gorge, filled with emerald green waters and white won’t stay dry but that’s why they give you wetsuits (and lifejackets and helmets)


Experience the thrill of flying in the air, over the beautiful Bovec Valley. The zip-lines lines are 500 to 700 meters long and the heights are also impressive, reaching up to 200 meters. But the real adrenalin rush is going to speeds of up to 60km/h.


Using a zip line does not require any prior knowledge or special skills and is suitable for beginners. Your safety comes first so don’t worry; the tours are led by guides with plenty of experience making sure you are safe and ready to fly. Helmets, harness and gloves will be provided…. you just need to bring the fun!



Explore waterfalls of ranging heights, choosing your favourite to slide, jump or rappel down. You will venture along streams carving passages through the side of the mountain, jump into pools at the base of gorgeous waterfalls and explore the canyons etched into the mountains of the Bovec area.


No experience is required. Canyon Susec is suitable for complete beginners.






I think I don't need to describe this activity :)


Did we manage to awake your interest, are you ready to start your summer adventure or do you need more details then send us an e-mail by clicking on Contact.


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